About Us

Silvercreek’s 360 was born from a rich 26 year location history intersected with a new opportunity to start over with a fresh menu, new name and a commitment to being the best local 360 degree experience for food, drinks and fun!

While most people would just give up, the leadership team of Silvercreek’s 360 saw 2021 as the perfect time to launch a new bar and restaurant.  Rooted in the local community and focused on “enjoying real food with fun experiences” we are looking to provide a 360 degree unique experience for each and every customer day and night!

Our new colors, logo, menu, staff and website are all for our community and the result of talking to you or someone you like you.  Your desire for fresh food, cold drinks, eat in, take out and patio to enjoy the summer sun came through loud and clear in our listening sessions and we want to make this more than the local pub! 


Our Customers
We are a representation of our community and welcome everyone to Silvercreek’s 360.  Our inclusive attitude and weekly event schedule will have something for everyone including old friends, new neighbors and anyone looking to feel a part of something special or even learn something new on our WTF Wednesday’s.

Our Mission
It’s our privilege to collaborate with our community!  We want to host you, understand what you like and how we can evolve our menu, our events and how we sustainably integrate into the local fabric of Guelph and its’ incredible people.  This is your place and we are excited to share this new adventure with you!